Dr. Charles E. Burbridge, PH.D, ABPH

Clinical and Consulting Psychologist ~

Diplomate, American Board of Psychological Hypnosis


“I believe that clinical hypnosis is a formidable tool to assist in solving problems in all areas of mind-body relationships. This website is designed to provide interested persons with a brief overview of clinical hypnosis, and how it is used in my psychology practice. The focus is on informing and educating the public, as well as providing links for those who may want even more information, including health practitioners who may be interested in pursuing training in hypnosis. If you have comments, or if questions remain about the use of clinical hypnosis after you have reviewed the various pages and content areas of this site, please feel free to email me at ceburphd@aol.com and enjoy!

Dr. Chuck Burbridge is a licensed psychologist who has been in practice in Pleasant Valley, New York, since 1980. He is Certified by, and is an Approved Consultant for, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. A frequent speaker and workshop leader on various mind-body topics, Dr. Burbridge’s regional and national presentations have focused on clinical hypnosis, dissociation, psychological trauma, and on using drawings, writing, videotape, and hypnosis in the treatment of psychological trauma. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the New York State Psychological Association, the Hudson Valley Psychological Association (Founding President, 1985-1986), the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and the International Society of Hypnosis. Dr. Burbridge has a special interest in utilizing clinical hypnosis in the management of anxieties and fears, stress, unwanted habits, insomnia, pain, chronic illness, and low self-esteem. Areas of application include, but are not limited to, fear of flying, muscle tension and “stress” headaches, pain and nausea due to medical procedures, test-taking anxiety and “information blocking”, and improved athletic performance, especially increased “focus” while playing.

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