Comments about hypnosis and trainings

The following comments are from clients about their experiences with clinical hypnosis.

Pain Management: “I get really light and relaxed, like I’m floating. I see colored rainbows, which is relaxing. I just relax each muscle, one at a time. The more relaxed I feel, the more floaty I feel. I feel like I weigh nothing, and I’m floating in the air. The pain goes away when I feel really, really light. The lighter I feel, the more the pain goes away.”
Fear of Flying: “During the flight, [the hypnosis] was doing something for me, but it wasn’t really obvious. It just helped me mellow out. I don’t know exactly how to explain it any better. It is just cool, that’s all.” His wife: “Take my word for it, the last time we flew, I thought he was gonna pass out! He was so stressed he couldn’t even get out of his seat. This time, he just quietly sat there, and every once in a while he’d close his eyes. He even moved around. No problem! Thank you, hypnosis!”
Fear of Medical Procedure: “I told the MRI technician that I was claustrophobic…. and I walked into the room, but I didn’t even want to look at the enclosure. I closed my eyes, lay down, and I immediately started to think about the procedure that I used in your office to relax. So I relaxed. I felt myself being moved in. She told me it was going to be very noisy, which I heard. It sounded like a jackhammer, clank, clank, clank. I started to follow the technique, and sort of made myself melt into the table. Then I started to feel myself moving away from there, and not being there at all, thank God. That really helped a lot… I went swimming in the Caribbean, in the middle of the ocean with my sisters… I brought myself mentally back to that day. I was there: blue, cool, wonderful water, laughing and laughing. I heard the clank, clank, clank occasionally, but in my mind I was having a lot of fun, enjoying myself.”
Biting Fingernails: “I went into [hypnosis] hoping that, after 50 years of biting my fingernails, something would help. I had tried gloves, bitter nailbiting solution, prayer — and nothing worked for more than a couple of months at best. After the first session, I found myself having random memories from my childhood popping up for days. I wasn’t sure why, but trusted that it was part of a process begun by the hypnosis. After the second session something fell into place; it wasn’t something I was thinking about — it wasn’t mental, but I knew that “it” was undone. Something had fallen into place, and whatever it was is settled. Just as easy as that. Nailbiting is no longer an issue and there is no energy tied up with it.”
Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease: “Before this, I was sick all day with stomachaches and pains in my back. I’ve only had three episodes of the GERD in the five months since I’ve been hypnotized… and they were my fault because I overate the wrong foods. My doctor told me to eat six to eight meals a day, which I was not controlling. But by you hypnotizing me, I was able to control it. Now I’m only taking the medication two times a week. I was sick so much, and I had lost so much weight, that I just couldn’t go on. But then once I was hypnotized it made my outlook on life different, and I started controlling it. I was out of control and had lost 43 pounds before I was hypnotized. I’m feeling a lot better now. I’m feeling good about myself.”
17-year-old Tennis Player: “I played in a match against the number one seed, and he was really good, and really big, too. I didn’t feel intimidated or anything. I was able to just block him out and not think about anything except what I had to do. I didn’t look at the matches on the other courts the way I used to, either. I was able to focus on what I was doing. I ended up losing the match, but I played really well.”
The following comments were written as evaluations of training workshops conducted by Dr. Burbridge.

“Your dynamic speaking ability, coupled with your broad knowledge of dissociation and trauma in children and adolescents, enlightened our staff. The powerful examples of childrens’ artwork depicting their emotional states gave our staff insight into problem behaviors that are often expressed through the arts, but not recognized… In addition, your sense of humor made this most difficult topic easier to absorb. Perhaps one professional said it best: ‘The best staff development program that I have attended in 20 years.'” – Senior Agency Executive
“This was a terrific training [on Dissociation and Trauma], please bring Chuck back.”
“An excellent presentation [on Dissociation and Trauma]. The use of slides and video was extremely helpful in relating to the material.”
“Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.”
“I liked his presence in the room… he’d be great to work with victims of domestic violence..”
“I would refer anyone to him. He’d be a great consultant on any of our cases, he’s so solid and well-grounded.”
“He really understands the issues of trauma.”
“A dynamic speaker: smart, very knowledgeable, approachable.”

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